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Additional Support

  • Technology: myCUmortgage® is partnered with Accenture Mortgage Cadence, which offers a powerful combination of technology and software coupled with deep mortgage process knowledge. As a result, we’re all working on the same system in real-time, paperless and with immediate access to information. Mortgage origination has never been easier, quicker or more affordable for everyone. Better still, your members can check the progress of their mortgage process from any personal computer and web browser, increasing their trust and comfort with this important transaction.

  • Marketing: Designed specifically for credit union mortgage operations, the myCUmortgage Marketing Portal helps partners promote how they can help members with home ownership and bring awareness to their mortgage offerings. A wide variety of collateral pieces and campaigns are available, all of which deliver key partner benefits, including marketing campaign management, increased productivity, improved member relationships, and expanded reach and visibility of the credit union.

  • Training: myCUmortgage offers multiple training sessions to help our partners be successful mortgage lenders.

  • Compliance: myCUmortgage makes sure every loan you make is in compliance and helps manage mortgage processing risk.

  • Loan Servicing: myCUmortgage offers full servicing for your credit union through our subservicing relationship with Cenlar. This includes all loans purchased by myCUmortgage. This process includes administering loans between the time of disbursement and the time the loan is fully paid off.

    Servicing includes:

    • Collecting payments from your member
    • Maintaining payment records
    • Providing your member and finance department with monthly reports
    • Imposing late charges when the payment is past due
    • Pursuing delinquent borrowers
    • Managing escrow accounts for the payment of property taxes and insurance

And, myCUmortgage connects your credit union with Cenlar for portfolio loan servicing or gives you the option to service your own loans. Our solutions are completely customizable to ensure your mortgage servicing needs work best for your credit union and membership.