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With myCUmortgage®, you can offer a wide variety of member-friendly mortgage programs, ensuring your member has access to the loan that best fits their overall needs.

  • Conventional: If your members have good credit, a steady income and can afford the down payment, conventional loans often offer lower interest rates than their government-insured counterparts.

  • Government-Backed Loans: myCUmortgage is qualified to offer several types of government-based mortgage loans, making it easier to qualify your members while offering more attractive interest rates.
    • FHA: Provides lenders with insurance protection against losses as the result of homeowners defaulting on their mortgage loans.
    • VA: Supplies home financing to eligible veterans in areas where private financing is not generally available and to help veterans purchase properties with no down payment.
    • USDA: Agrees to guarantee a loan for rural families and individuals with low and moderate-income, assisting in qualifying the borrower for mortgages even without a down payment.

  • Portfolio: By holding these loans in your investment portfolios, these mortgages offer your members greater flexibility in the loan granting process.