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Core Values

myCUmortgage® has a series of core values that are guiding principles in how we conduct business. These values supplement the company’s stakeholder model.

  1. We believe that being a credit union mortgage provider offers us a competitive advantage over building a traditional mortgage banking operation.

  2. We believe that we have an obligation to help credit unions become stronger mortgage lenders.

  3. We believe that helping members is more important than dollars loaned. This is evident in our key measurements surrounding loan units (members helped) versus dollars loaned.

  4. We believe that we need to be clear and transparent with our credit union clients about our actions. 

  5. We believe that the credit union owns the member relationship, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to assist them in serving their member. Therefore, we will provide information and choices to our credit union clients to allow them to serve their members as they desire. 

  6. We believe that the key to our success is delivered through our people. The mortgage products and services we offer are commodities in the market. We win—as do all the stakeholders—by delivering exceptional service to our credit union clients.