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myCUmortgage® began in 2001 as a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) designed to make mortgages available to credit unions that can’t afford to create their own mortgage infrastructure, want to capitalize on shared resources, or want more control of their mortgage lending solutions.

As a division of Wright-Patt Credit Union's wholly owned subsidiary, we understand the needs of credit unions and their members.

By choosing myCUmortgage as your mortgage service provider, your members will feel comfort in working directly with you, their trusted credit union—while you will feel reassured that our mortgage lending services meet your members’ needs.

Learn more about how we can get your credit union the mortgage lending expertise your members need. Get Started Today.

Vision & Mission Statements

Our Vision is to be the premier provider of mortgage solutions to America’s credit unions.

Our Mission is to facilitate the American dream of responsible, affordable and secure home ownership for families across the country through credit unions.


Consider these important facts when choosing your mortgage lending partner:

  • myCUmortgage fees are generally lower than those typically associated with other mortgage lenders. This means lower costs for your members at market-competitive rates.

  • myCUmortgage puts people before profits, priding itself on an anti-mortgage banker mentality that places members front and center. This allows partners to best serve their members through our service levels and collaborative processes.

  • myCUmortgage processes loans on the Accenture Mortgage Cadence system and views applications in real time. This means no overnight shipping of loan packages, faster loan decisions, less manual work, fewer members calling about their loans and lower costs.

  • myCUmortgage offers you options on your portfolio servicing. Your credit union can service the loans or use our nationally known mortgage servicing partner. You’ll find this aspect to be a distinct advantage compared to other providers.