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Value Proposition

myCUmortgage® has a unique business model where we are owned by a single credit union but operate as a collaborative. This is exhibited by our stakeholder model, client feedback loops and desired service levels.

We are the anti-mortgage banker, meaning we've built our business around focusing first on the client and their borrower rather than on protecting the profits and owning the borrower relationship. This is exhibited by our risk management models, not requiring a rate lock window and allowing credit unions to maintain their member relationship after the loan sale.

Our real job is not to process, underwrite or sell mortgage loans. Our real job is to make credit unions better mortgage lenders so they can help more members with home ownership. This is exhibited through our lending technology, thought leadership and compliance support.

At the core of myCUmortgage are these guiding principles:
True Collaboration – Credit unions are better when they work together. The very essence of myCUmortgage is based on a home financing solution created, governed, operated and managed by credit unions. In every case, by working together, we deliver a quality credit union experience at values unmatched by others.

Outstanding Service – Our expert staff works efficiently so that your members don’t have to wait long to close on their mortgage. One of the ways we speed this process is by conducting business online. Other mortgage providers are forced to ship documents to a center for processing, wasting you and your members’ time and money.

Complete Transparency – Your member, your mortgage, our support. You know your members best. We know the mortgage process. While you work with your members, we’ll work with you to ensure the best home financing experience anywhere, at the greatest value.

Industry-Leading Knowledge – We’re professionals with deep experience in both the credit union industry and the mortgage industry. We understand how to blend the two to produce the greatest resource and value for your credit union and for your members.

Best Economics – Mortgages can be the most profitable loans credit unions offer. Our fees are simple, straightforward and affordable. We’re a credit union just like you. We put people before profit.

Superior Technology – We are partners with Accenture Mortgage Cadence, which offers a powerful combination of technology and software coupled with deep mortgage process knowledge. As a result, we’re all working on the same system in real-time, paperless and with immediate access to information. Mortgage origination has never been easier, quicker or more affordable for everyone. Better still, your members can check the progress of their mortgage process from any personal computer and web browser, increasing their trust and comfort with this important transaction.

If you're just beginning to offer mortgages or are operating a complete mortgage operation, let us enhance your mortgage delivery experience. Get started today!