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Partner Conference Testimonials

The 2017 myCUmortgage Partner Conference has so much to offer to partner credit unions. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or fresh on the scene, the conference has something for you! But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at what past attendees had to say:

“I think the event was GREAT. I loved opportunity to meet myCUmortgage staff and to meet your customers.”

“It was great to meet the myCUmortgage team! Everyone was so warm and inviting. I felt welcomed and valued!”

“I absolutely LOVED getting to meet everyone!! Wonderful hosts :)”

“The overall event was great! It was nice to put a face to some of the people at myCUmortgage, interact with other Credit Unions, and learn how to be better for our members.”

“I really liked the passport addition. It got us out and mingling with vendors. I made a lot of new contacts this year.”

“Well planned! I loved the theme, speakers were awesome and relevant. It was just long enough and not too far. Definitely a professional event!”

“myCUmortgage employees/senior management being engaged with attendees at every part of the event was very impressive and reflects who myCUmortgage is as a company that I am excited to be part of as a partner with my credit union. Motivational speakers were very good. Overall event was nice!”

“Having been in the mortgage industry for 35+ years now, it's been an adjustment since joining the credit union's mortgage world. The mortgage staff is no longer the "meat and potatoes" of the business…we're more like the applesauce. The credit union management doesn't recognize the mortgage department's accomplishments due to their lack of knowledge in the industry itself. For those of us who are competitive, even if it means striving to meet our own personal goals, the myCUmortgage awards are motivational.”

“Really great event! Everything flowed well and there was so much good information. It's always fun to see your staff in such a relaxed atmosphere.”

“One of the most important ‘takeaways’ from the conference is always the camaraderie. It's so important to continue to build and strengthen partner relationships.”

“This was wonderful! I have never worked for a company that shows so much appreciation for their teams and partners!”

“Excellent content and value for the relatively inexpensive price.”

“I really enjoyed the conference and would recommend it to a co-worker. It is nice to get to meet the myCUmortgage staff. I also like meeting people from other credit unions and talking with them about promotions they are doing at their credit unions.”

“I'm not just giving all high marks on this question. I really did enjoy each speaker and I feel like I learned something from each one.”

“Thank you for the experience. It was amazing!”

“This event has improved every year.”

“I know we can always improve, but I can’t think of anything that would have made my experience better.”